The Legal Right to Union Representation during an Investigatory Review.

If an employee is called in for an interview or discussion or conversation with management and the employee reasonably believes that what is said at the interview may result in him/her being disciplined, then the employee has the right to demand union representation at the interview.

Weingarten Rights – I have a reasonable belief that this meeting may lead to disciplinary action against me. I respectfully request that my Association Representative (AR) be present at this meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.

You have professional rights – If you have any work-related problem, follow these guidelines:

  1. DO NOT resign or abandon your location.
  2. All communication with your association is strictly confidential.
  3. Document in writing the incident.
  4. Keep any records that relate to the incident.
  5. Representation is strongly advised.
  6. Timelines are important. DON’T DELAY.
  7. Use your contract as a guide.
  8. Follow orders unless there is potential for personal injury. You can grieve the orders later

Weingarten Rights Pamphlet