TO: Orange Education Association Members

FROM: Brian Cañares, OEA Vice President, Negotiations Chairperson
               Lisa Catanzarite, OEA President

DATE: November 12, 2021

On November 3rd, the Board gave a budget presentation about their financial disposition highlighting their constraints. In response, we requested specific information, especially about state aid and health savings. We then offered some input based on the information presented.

This past Wednesday, November 10th, the Board made a proposal regarding salary. After a long robust conversation, we decided not to make a decision in the moment. The team is awaiting responses about language regarding the proposal; but overall, we are in a position to accept or reject it.

The negotiations team will be meeting again next week in order to discuss and prepare a response to the Board’s proposal. On December 1st, with all relevant questions being answered, we will make our decision. We will ensure you are kept up to date.

We are continuing to work hard to represent your needs and interest. Thank you for your patience with the process.